Why Choose My Creations

My pieces are all 'one off' individuals

Making this an exclusive brand.  You won't see your purchase anywhere else.

Finding new paper from magazines, wallpaper, gift wrap or purpose made decoupage paper is just the beginning of the process. For me it’s like opening Christmas presents when I receive an order of new papers through the post, so EXCITING !  Then to find the perfect pot to work on……..

Cutting the papers correctly is very time consuming and is very precise work, making sure images have clean and clear edges as mistakes will show in the finished design.

My glass work is predominantly reverse decoupage.  This process involves gluing as many as four layers of paper, back to back, on the outside of the glass bowl or vase. This means the item can still retain water without damaging the papers.

These layers are then varnished with at least 30 layers of clear varnish giving the outside surface the appearance and feel of glass.  This process is extremely labour intensive, but so worthwhile.

I Work With

Product Quality

Passion for Creation

I love my work, I see it as a hobby rather than a job.

I enjoy the whole process, from finding suitable pieces and selecting the papers, through to gluing and varnishing.

My work is also very satisfying when upcycling old throw-aways.  I find fabulous, used homewares like vases, bowls, lamps and even small pieces of furniture and breathe new life into them.  

It is such a joy to take a sad looking pot, cover it in lovely modern papers, varnish and give it a whole new lease of life.


Each piece of upcycled work is completely bespoke, a real ‘one off” as I would be extremely unlikely to find two pieces the same.  I love finding unusual shaped pieces to work on and no two pieces will ever be the same.

I put so much love and care into my work and I am often still working into the early hours, as I just can’t stop.


All my work is proudly signed on the underneath with my own seal. All products are packed with great care and lovingly shipped to their new owner.

Every piece has my seal glazed into the underneath. A mark of true quality and exclusivity. No two pieces are every the same.

Hand Crafted with Pride

I also make commissioned pieces. Please contact we with your request.

It is always a pleasure to produce  a piece of work that will go to a new home to be cherished and admired.

I am more than happy to find papers of colours that would fit in with the colour scheme of your home.

You may also want to request a product as a gift, and therefore require a specific colour or print.  I am happy to make commission pieces, although an upfront payment would be required (to be agreed prior to me proceeding with the work).

Most items take at least three to four weeks to produce as decoupage is such a labour intensive process. I put a great deal of love and care into all of my work,  so you can rest assured you will be receiving something which has been beautifully crafted by my hand. 

Commissioned Works

Wow this is a commissioned piece I have just finished. A birthday gift for a man who loves Porsche cars . I hope he likes it .

Received my decoupage vase today. Wow, it is truly beautiful. I am so pleased with it, you are super talented, thank you Carole. Hope to buy more very soon.
Trudy Jenkins