Beautiful Homeware


Welcome to Lacca Povera the home of the beautiful art of découpage.  This form of decorative art goes back generations to the 12th century, originating in China.  Decoupage then had a European resurgence during the 17th century mainly concentrated in France and Italy.




'one offs'

Exclusive Design

I create handmade, individual 'one off' pieces.  All made in workshop based in the Midlands

Benefiting the Environment

Upcycled Ceramics

Giving tired old ceramics a new lease of life.  I select interesting shaped, old ceramics in order to transform them into modern, stylish homewares


Modern Style

Using modern papers and designs to create contemporary pieces.

Handmade Vases

Desirable Pottery

Exclusive products you won't see anywhere else. 


Reverse Decoupage

With reverse decoupage the design is on the outside of glass, meaning the design won't be damaged by water.

Beautiful Decoupage Homeware

Works in Progress

Coming Soon

Work in Progress
Just Finished

Made in the Britain

Proud to be a British Manufacturer

Individual Craft

My Collections

I make a variety of homewares including vases, lamps, bowls and plates, all here in the UK.

Family Collections

Create a Statement Piece

Marina and Constance

This beautiful pair Marina and Constance would make a wonderful gift for a special occasion . They are sold separately but what a statement piece they are together .